5 thoughts on “Canadian CA logo gets updated

  1. The logo looks fine, but I am not sure a person looking at the multiple colours is going to make the connected between it and the multi-dimensional nature of services that CAs offer. The ICAO will have to run an advertising campaign to get this point across.

    I remember the CGAs ran a series of TV commercials promoting their brand – one was a pun on names of CGAs (e.g. a Mr. Man, CGA is the right “Man” for the job); another was about how CGAs were passionate about their job (there was a lady CGA doing the tango with a rose in her mouth as she crunched some numbers). These commercials were creative and they did stick in one’s mind. Perhaps the CICA should come up with something similiar?

  2. I didn’t even see the ‘plus’ sign either until I read their explanation.

    I don’t remember those CGA ads. How long ago were they running? I do think some edgier ads would help.

  3. I think the CGA ads were run about 3 to 5 years ago.

    I found you comment about edgier ads interesting. It would be more suited to the today’s society, and certainly to the younger CA membership. But I was in the ICAO head office this winter several times (on a course), and really got the feeling that it was a bit, well, quaint. I think there is word in Latin, “gravitas” that expressed the feeling in the place. For better or worse, I don’t think the CA leadership would go for an edgier ad campaign.

  4. That green gives me unpleasant flashbacks to Dundas subway station – gah!

    The colours will no doubt end up evolving.

    I remember those CGA ads – the CGA’s surname matched the item they were talking about. It was sort of amusing.

    Man, I watched *way* too much TV back then.

    Gravitas is an awesome word to associate a profession with – knight in shining armour ads, anyone?

  5. My memory for that sort of thing leaves much to be desired. I guess I should be happy I’m not filling my brain up with memories of accountant commercials!

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