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CoinsThis struck me as sort of interesting, possibly useful, and probably a little compulsive. One blogger’s way of slowly using change is to carry the optimal number of each denomination of coin in his pocket.

Everyone has coins they want to get rid of. I randomly thought of an easy way to carry change and always have enough change for a purchase. For the sake of this article, I consider change to be less than $1 of coins. To be able to make any change combination, you need to carry $0.99 of change through 10 coins…

I almost never pay with exact change, but that’s probably because I find a sick satisfaction in rolling my coins every few months and taking them to the bank. I crave that big mountain of coins because when I was a kid it was easy to imagine a big pile of coins were treasure.

(Via Lifehacker.)

5 thoughts on “Always have exact change

  1. LOL, he wrote a comment – perhaps in response to your observation or those of others? – noting that it’s an observation and not OCD on his own part. ;)

  2. Yes,
    I did comment on the comments of others. I realized when paying one day that I could make any change combo of the very few coins I had. It struck me because I had so few coins. I didn’t think about it for hours one day trying to get a formula…it was just an observation. I pointed it out as an observation, not a tihng you must always do. It seems like some people are misunderstanding me and think I always have these 10 coins with me at all times. Wrong.

  3. Oddly enough, I was thinking of BM’s post when I was at a shop on Friday night and used up all the coins in my wallet save a dime to pay for a purchase (all $6.37 of it), including 5 quarters.

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