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2006 UFEsI received an email recently from a US CPA who is moving to Canada and hopes to write the UFE this year. She asked me if I knew where she could find relevant study materials for it.

Densmore immediately came to mind, since I’d taken the course last summer and it served me exceedingly well. On their website, you can download 2 simulation packages containing 7 cases in each package. The packages mirror a full UFE – 1 5-hour comprehensive case, and 6 smaller multi-competency case averaging 80 minutes in length.

The cases are free, but the answers are for sale for $60 each. The price is reasonable, as the benefit you will gain from studying these cases more than outweighs the cost.

Disclaimer: I’m not getting anything from Densmore to recommend their stuff. I’m just a satisfied customer!

I also recommended PASS, which I didn’t personally attend but a few of my friends did and they passed the UFE this year as well. I took the PASS CKE prep course in the fall of 2005, for what it’s worth, and passed that test on the first try.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they offer cases for self-study, preferring to focus entirely on their courses, which require a more significant financial outlay.

As well, you can download prior year UFEs and evaluation guides as a member of your local Institute from their website.

Good luck to all 2007 writers, and keep sending me ideas for blog posts!

10 thoughts on “UFE study materials available

  1. The results of appeals are winding up (one of my friends actually passed on appeal – HURRAY!), so I imagine the full debrief package on the 2006 UFE should be coming out soon, eh?

  2. Looks like we’re going to be waiting longer than originally expected:

    The 2006 UFE report should be available in May 2007.

    May 2007!? Why is this one taking so long??

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t rule it out, I’ve been hounding them about the Guide pretty much since we finished writing. Glad to hear your friend appealed successfully. A co-worker of mine also appealed, and I never heard back about the results. Leads me to believe she wasn’t successful.

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