Stewie and Brian debate a flat tax

I wonder whether some people watching the following Family Guy clip were intrigued by the punchy argument and sought out more information about it.

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4 replies on “Stewie and Brian debate a flat tax”

I guess it’s an old joke, but complicated tax laws mean that accountants can afford many of the finer things in life. It sure would tick me off to have sweated over learning tax for school and the CKE/SOA/UFE, only to have Parliment pass a flat tax law.

But then again, in 5 years, a lot of the Canadian GAAP I learned will be tossed out the window.

The Taxresearch blog will of course mock the flat taxers to death – check that place out for a reason to not expect it anytime soon around here, so it’s not really a serious concern given Canadians’ general social conscience.

As for the constant changes to GAAP, don’t worry, the core principles are really the same, and your professional judgement will prove way more valuable in 5 years than whatever’s written in a book that you can easily look up electronically.

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