School of Accountancy comes to an end

The School of Accountancy came to an end this afternoon when I finished writing the final exam. The results come out on July 21. If I passed, I’ll take the majority of August and September off work to study for the Uniform Final Exam (UFE) in September. If I didn’t pass, I’ll just work and wait for my chance next year.

It was a good time though, and going back to work isn’t going to be as fun as going to a university campus every day in jeans and sandals and sitting in class for six hours with my peers. It was a truly unique experience, and one which I will take with me as I progress through my career.

3 thoughts on “School of Accountancy comes to an end

  1. That was pretty funny! I love Christopher Walken, and I love BOC! I need more cowbell!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

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