Quit today, get hired back tomorrow

A recent story by the AP highlighted an interesting byproduct of the CA shortage – employees who leave their job at accounting firms are being actively recruited back to rejoin their former firm. Seems employers have realized that more often than not in the accounting business employees leave to explore different career options but leave the door open to returning to public practice.

Audit senior manager Danica Dilligard left Ernst & Young LLP in 2003 after six years with the company. E&Y’s courtship began almost immediately. The E&Y partners she’d worked with called, saying, “Just wanted to make sure you’re happy. There’s always a home for you here.” She was invited to E&Y golf outings, where she played in a foursome with the partners. She was included in professional certification courses and welcomed at networking events.

Granted this is a senior manager we’re talking about, but I have seen it trickling down to just about every level, down to the lowliest junior. It’s smart though.

4 thoughts on “Quit today, get hired back tomorrow

  1. Yeah, I was at a going away party last week – it’s sad to see a beloved co-worker leave, but it’s nice to see them treated nicely/lovingly. :)

    We’ve had some departures recently but all for like completely different reasons which was interesting enough.

  2. It’s very surprising that we’ve had no key losses leading into busy season this year. Last year we had 3.

    It depends a lot on what stage you’re at in your CA career. If you’ve just passed and you leave it’s a big slap in the face compared to leaving at the manager level in order to chart a new course.

  3. This is very true. I worked in public accounting immediately after college, was pursued and accepted a private accounting job, then two years later said “hey, I am not learning as much as I did in public accounting” and now I am currently back in public accounting! However now I am more on the Consulting side of things instead of Auditing. Great blog you have!

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