Congratulations from my Member of Parliament

Peggy Nash congrats CA 2006When you pass the UFE, your partners, managers and co-workers line up to congratulate you on your success. In my case, fellow bloggers joined in the chorus. On top of all this, your Member of Parliament sends you a certificate like the one pictured here.

It’s nice to keep getting things that can be framed, if I ever get around to doing so. I also got to thinking, if I’d known this was going to be one of my rewards for passing, I would’ve moved to York Centre, where former Montreal Canadiens great Ken Dryden is the MP!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations from my Member of Parliament

  1. I would so trade with you, nionio – I have the same one as Neil. :p

    Funniest thing ever was seeing Belinda gossip in a Brit newspaper at Heathrow last month!

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