Casual Fridays become Casual Weekdays

What qualifies as acceptable attire in the workplace has been changing ever since the advent of Casual Fridays. Friday has become every day of the week, and there’s a growing backlash against the slackening of dress codes. Tie Tuesdays are beginning to crop up.

A couple days ago I blogged about going to client’s, which is relevant because I can attest to the fact that in nearly every workplace I’ve visited, the dress code has been very casual. Accordingly, our dress code has been loosened. We’re instructed to dress a degree more formal than the client, which makes sense.

You don’t want to show up at an office where the employees are dressed in jeans and you’re wearing a suit and tie. You’d look like a lawyer, and no one likes lawyers.

(I don’t have a problem with lawyers though, some of my friends are even law talkin’ guys. Although drinking with them is a bit trying at times because they keep talkin’ law.)

The exception for me is when I’m at law firm clients, where the employees are dressed to the nines and it’s literally impossible to dress a degree more formal, short of wearing a tuxedo.

So, is the casualizing of the workplace a good thing? To an extent, I think it is. Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees are productive. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Casual Fridays become Casual Weekdays

  1. Note to self: avoid law firm clients. :)

    After going to a Catholic high school I’m incredibly happy to not have to wear a uniform anymore – and business dress would definitely count as a “uniform”.

    From the latimes piece: “”Wearing a tie used to be a sign of conformity. But dressing down is now conformity and dressing up is rebellious”.

    Yeah, whatever. How you dress is the shallowest form of (non)-conformity. It’s how you think, behave, and act that matters.

  2. It’s a nice change to work at a law firm for a week out of the year, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be there all the time. Occasionally I like putting on the full “uniform”. :)

    I never got to wear a uniform at school because I went through the “secular” system. Never had to waste credits on religious education either though, so it’s really a win-win for me. :P

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