CA Magazine knows information wants to be free

I need to commend the publication of my profession here in Canada, CA Magazine, for offering the full content of each issue online as soon as the physical copy of the issue arrives on my doorstep.

There are many magazines that charge for access to their full content, but CA Magazine realizes that increased readership of its articles will only help the profession’s stature in this country and internationally. It also helps bloggers like me link to and discuss the articles.

The source of the headline was Stewart Brand who, at the first Hackers’ Conference in 1984, said:

On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time.

Read the June issue.

(Yes I realize we’re into July now, but you’ll have to trust me that the contents have been available for over a month now!)

4 thoughts on “CA Magazine knows information wants to be free

  1. Another thing I love about CA Magazine being online is that it makes cleaning up my papers so much easier – I feel better about tossing the print edition in the recycle bin since I know I can retrieve the interesting articles online again should the need arise.

  2. The CA website still hasn’t changed its Favorites Icon, which is still the old logo.

  3. Krupo – I know, I love that too! Wired magazine has been the gold standard when it comes to online content, I think they’ve been doing that since at least ’95…

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