Big Four and Mintz again part of Top GTA Employers list

The Toronto Star has released the 2008 edition of their Greater Toronto’s Top 50 Employers list, and it is no surprise that accounting firms are well represented once again.

All four of the largest accounting firms, the Big Four, made the list, along with a local single office firm, Mintz & Partners.

The reasons why they made the list are similar, with most touting days off to study for the UFE, personal days on top of regular vacation, support for families and volunteering, and matching RSP contributions.

Still no mention of 20% time for personal projects though.

4 thoughts on “Big Four and Mintz again part of Top GTA Employers list

  1. Interesting factoid from the list is that PWC gives out 9 personal days, putting it at the head of the big 4 pack – that’s essentially 24 vacation days a year. … wait, I think I saw that in a different press release.

    This is interesting – your firm made this list, but Deloitte *didn’t*


  2. Oh wait, that’s the 2007 list. Why should I expect there to already be a 2008 list? Does TorStar have a crystal ball or something? How very odd.

    I made the mistake of clicking your first link instead of the second link, which sent me on a wild goose chase to find the article.

  3. Yes, my firm was on the list last year, but didn’t make the cut this year, and this year Deloitte makes an appearance but missed out in the prior year.

    It does seem a little strange they’re announcing the top 50 just into 4th quarter 2007. They would’ve done well to at least wait until the beginning of the year the award was supposed to apply to!

  4. As soon as NOW magazine’s list of the city’s top gelato places came out, whatever faith I had in the Rightness of lists went straight out the window. :)

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