AICPA, CIMA stakes claim to a global management accounting certification

One of the big reasons for merging Canada’s accounting profes­sions is the global compe­tition nipping at their (our?) heels. One such challenger, as highlighted in the current CA Magazine, is the Chartered Global Management Accountant certi­fi­cation, a product of the American Institute of Certified Public Accoun­tants (AICPA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accoun­tants (CIMA).

Cue Patrick Bateman: “Look at that subtle off-white coloring; the tasteful thickness of it… Oh my god, it even has a charter.”

I’m not sure why I should be worried about a brand new certi­fi­cation with no history and nascent prestige (to be chari­table), but, … uh… hey, free magazine!

Accepting the argument that we need to meet this threat head-on by joining forces with our brethren, this might lead some to believe CMAs would be assuming the front lines in this battle, given their pedigree with management accounting. If we take these upstarts to be our challengers, this will no doubt impact the devel­opment of the merged curriculum and other requirements.

CA Magazine’s done some recon:

The hallmark of the CGMA desig­nation is expertise in applying nonfi­nancial, quali­tative infor­mation along with financial analysis to under­stand all aspects of business. According to a study done by the two insti­tutes, this will be in increasing demand by inter­na­tional businesses that want integrated financial and nonfi­nancial information.

I think what they mean here is expertise is applying non-financial and/or quali­tative infor­mation. As we all know, there are many important metrics in all businesses which are non-financial, but still quanti­tative. I think they’re taking that from this page which compares and contrasts financial accounting and the added value of management accounting. Where the former is concerned with the financial, the latter adds non-financial. Where the former focuses on quants, the latter includes quali­tative infor­mation. (Conclusion: It’s all marketing!)

One thing is for certain, according to the pro-merger forces among us: War is coming.

(Yeah that’s right, I started this with an American Psycho reference and I’m ending it with a Game of Thrones reference. What of it?)

One thought on “AICPA, CIMA stakes claim to a global management accounting certification”

  1. Nah, The Two Towers would have been a better reference. Your pro-merger leadership also mentioned the ACCA, and they’ve got bigger numbers than three CP Rail accoun­tants who paved the way long ago to form a national desig­nation of which this blog reader is but a recent graduate. One of either ACCA and CGMA can be Isengard, and the other Mordor.

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