I’m a CA (, CPA) in Toronto working in internal audit for a global building materials manufac­turer. I used to work for Canadian Tire, doing opera­tional internal audit, and BDO, a mid-tier accounting firm.

I’m inter­ested in how technology is changing the way we work, especially in audit, and how innov­ative people are harnessing emerging technology to do better work.

Contact me

Send me an email (neil dot mcintyre at gmail dot com), I’d love to hear from you.

A few caveats

The views expressed herein are mine alone, and do not neces­sarily reflect the views of my employers, past or present. Nothing should be miscon­strued as profes­sional advice.


The Rules of Profes­sional Conduct and related Council Inter­pre­ta­tions of the various Provincial Insti­tutes of Chartered Accoun­tants require that I maintain the confi­den­tiality of client and former client infor­mation, as well as the confi­den­tiality of Firm infor­mation, except in rare and very specific circumstances.